Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India
Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India

Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India


The fuel briquettes are made out of loose raw materials like rice husk, saw dust, coir pitch, groundnut-shell, coffee husk, sugar cane bagasse which are abundantly available, into a compressed form to increase its specific weight, thus increasing the fuel efficiency ( Combustion Efficiency ) as compared to its loose condition without using any Binders.


Wood / coconut shell charcoal powders into briquettes to use in barbeques , kebab, tandoori ovens using binders.


Till date Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools has succeeded in forming fuel Briquettes from the following agro waste.

Groundnut Shell.
Saw Dust.
Coir Pith.
Sugar Cane Bagasse.
Tobacco Stems.
Charcoal Powder.

Depending upon the customers ` requirement of using Raw Materials, it can be tried and presented. The above material can be individually Briquetted or in mixed form also.

Product and Its Advantage

Fuel Briquettes are used to replace conventional fuels like coal, firewood in heating in heating and steam generation etc.
Briquettes have the advantage of having high colorific value ranging 3500-5000 K Cal./ Kg depending upon the raw material  used.
Briquettes do not emit smoke with sulfur or phosphorus and also fly ash. Hence no need of pollution controls equipment.
Briquetted fuel is sized 80mm in diameter and 50-350mm in length Screw type and 45-60mm in diameter in Ram type to get complete combustion.
Easy handling, storage and transportation as the briquettes are uniform in diameter and can also be packed in bags.
Briquetted fuels, as it is made out of agro waste can be made easily available and there is an advantage of bulky garbage reused with high fuel efficiency.


The market for Briquetted fuel develops from the shortage of conventional fuel like firewood, cool lignite, oil etc. As the conventional fuel can easily be substituted by Briquetted fuel and Briquetted fuel has higher fuel efficiency than firewood, it can be easily marketed in its ready market.

This fuel can be used in industrial, commercial and domestic areas.
House hold, hotels lodges, marriages, textile dyeing plants, army kitchens, tire ret readers, oil industries, tobacco barrens, tea estates, industrial boilers, barbeques, kebab, tandoori ovens.


This technology of Briquetting is cheap and waste raw material has been adopted for a number of years by using binders. But this machine does not need any binder, this binder less technology is found to be very economical in the case of biomass Briquetting.

There are two different types of Briquetting machines available with us for biomass. One is screw type and another Ram type.


The sun died raw material (individual or mixed) free from foreign matter is fed into the hopper of the machine. From the hopper the raw material falls into the crushing area from where it enters into the heating chamber.

The heating chamber is controlled thermostatically at a pre set temperature. From the heating chamber the briquette is formed and extruded out.

The briquette is cut into required length and stored, stacked for dispatch or packed in bags for shipment. There is no bender required in the process of this biomass Briquetting.


Flash drier-reduces the moisture content in the biomass from 35% to 15% (needed for Briquetting). Hammer mill grinder maintains the particle size of the biomass feed material.


First the powder charcoal must be screened to reduce it to a uniform size and remove gross impurities. In case of lump, solid piece are left out in screening, hammer mills are used to again powder them. The screen analysis of the ground charcoal is the coarsest which will give a satisfactory briquette with minimum binder usage.
The ground & screened charcoal powder is next mixed with the binder and filler,
( if used ) . If starch is the binder it must first be cooked (gelatinized) with hot water before adding to the mixer . Ribbon type mixer is normal and proper mixing is essential to reduce binder consumption to the minimum.
The mixture then passes to the Briquetting screw, ram, or roller type.
Out of the screw & Ram type machines, the briquettes are continuously extruded & punched respectively. In these types the dies can be made to produce the briquettes in the shape of cylindrical, square, hexagonal.
Out of the roller type Briquetting machine, the briquettes are pressed to the shape of the cavities provided in the roller dies. In this type the dies cavities are made to produce the briquettes in the briquettes in the shape of oval or pillow.
The briquettes may be select in the required shape and the die is adapted to the machine. The pressed briquettes are next dried to complete the binding operation. When the water is dried out from the gelatinized starch it sticks the charcoal particles together to form a stable briquette which will retain its form right up to the point of combustion. The briquettes usually contain about 10% of binder and about 30% of water before drying down to about 2-5% moisture content.
The normal dryer is a continuous tunnel dryer which carries the briquettes through without allowing them to tumble. Heat for drying out the water is a significant operating cost. It can also be suggested to go for sun drying if sufficient sun light is available. Even tray drier is also advisable if the quantity less.
When the briquettes are cool they can be the market in paper or plastic of about 5Kg, or as per convenience in marketing.
Depending upon the quantity/ capacities, shape of the briquette & availability of the sunlight, the project needs the Briquetting machine along with screener; hammer mill grinder, mixer, conveyors, drier.


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